Welcome to VidSmart

Welcome to VidSmart


For about ten years now, I’ve been saying ‘this is the year of video’ only to feel like I’ve been talking to myself but in 2017, it finally feels like the penny has dropped.


You can’t move for video online and for good reason. A visitor to a website¬†is four times more likely to watch a video than read text on the page. Why is that? Humans remember 95% of the information they see in a video compared to 10% they read in text.


I feel the barrier to the take up of video has been perception of cost and that’s why with VidSmart, I will be stressing the value of the content that can be produced and how that content can be re-purposed to provide the best Return On Investment.


For example, your typical business Introduction Video is made up of many different aspects of that business, so the footage from each can be re-purposed to produce separate videos.


Footage from that same shoot can then be added to testimonial videos to provide a greater context.


So as you can see, the cost for each video can be reduced and suddenly give your business a small library of the best performing content online.


Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the latest news and developments in the world of video and content marketing.




John McKeown

Director of VidSmart

  • Paul Duncan
    Posted at 12:05h, 12 April Reply

    Hi John

    Looking to potentially book on one of your smartphone videoing courses in the next couple of months if there are any spaces available. I think when I booked a member of staff on one when I was at the Brewery Arts Centre , there wasa discount for being a charity. Is that still teh case?


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