Grants for Marketing Videos for Cumbrian Businesses

Grants for Marketing Videos for Cumbrian Businesses

Good news for those of you that run an eligible business in Cumbria, there are 40% grants available up to the value of £2,000 to improve your marketing.


The grants come from Cumbria Growth Hub to “market more effectively and make more sales.”


They say it can cover consultancy costs for things like:

Using social media effectively

Website development or enhancement

Implementing search engine optimisation

Developing and implementing marketing strategies

PR support

And more

No mention of Marketing Videos there you might be thinking, though each one of these points can be covered using video.

  1. Using social media effectively.

    If you were paying attention to our homepage, you would know that video gets 1200% more social shares than text or images. People love video.

  2. Website development or enhancement.

    Video on your homepage doubles the time spent on it by each visitor and with people being four times more likely to watch a video than struggle to read text on their smartphone, I think it’s fair to say that is a major enhancement to your website.

  3. Implementing search engine optimisation.

    The previous sentence covers it mostly, though it’s worth mentioning again that search engines love video. Having a video produced and added to your website demonstrates that you mean business and the likes of Google and Bing will reward you for that.

  4. Developing and implementing marketing strategies.

    Video takes customers along the buyer journey, from awareness to consideration and finally through to the decision stage. Implementing a Video Strategy will help you reach more customers and generate more sales.

  5. PR Support.

    With video, you can tell your story how you want it to be told. Enlist the help of your biggest advocates by getting them in front of camera to tell everyone how well you took care of their needs. You can share that straight away, or should a day come when you have to face negative publicity, you can share this video with the world to remind them how many satisfied customers you have.

And more…

There are so many ways to use video, so if you have a complicated message that text can’t do justice to, you need to convey emotion in your marketing or perhaps you need to increase sales on your e-commerce site then please contact us for a chat –

To contact Cumbria Growth Hub call 0844 257 8450 or email

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