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An introduction to Karina Gallagher of J F Hornby & Co Corporate Solutions

J F Hornby & Co are VidSmart’s best clients, so when they launched a new venture, they reached out to us to help promote it.


J F Hornby & Co Corporate Solutions is a joint venture between Hornby’s and Commercial Banker Karina Gallagher, formed to save companies money in all areas of their business and to provide impartial business consultations for companies looking to expand or diversify.


The company’s main video is still in pre-production, however it was thought that a good way to let everyone know about this new venture was to let potential and existing clients know that Karina was fifty per cent of the business by introducing her in a candid and informal video.

As you will see, Karina has a big personality and will no doubt drive the company to great success. Only video can communicate as personaly and as direct as this. Would you read a page full of text or watching an entertaining video?


For video production that tells your story, call us on 0800 086 2020 or email hello@vidsmart.uk.

Story Homes - example Show Home Video

Story Homes are one of the fastest growing home builders in the UK and we have been providing video marketing services to them for over two years now.


Each video usually gets thousands of views, with people anxiously waiting to see inside one of their new homes before arranging a conversation with the sales team at Story.


When you consider that the likely success of the Story team’s marketing campaigns and therefore the sales of millions of pound’s worth of property is in your hands, there is a huge responsibility to get the videos right. In this instance, the client wanted to use Classical music, where so often it might be some ambient house music or an acoustic music backing.


For video production you can rely on, call us on 0800 086 2020 or email hello@vidsmart.uk.


Angela Tomlinson - Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Introducing Angela Tomlinson. Angela is a Workplace Health & Wellbeing practitioner promoting healthy and happy workplaces through good working practice and healthy employees. She was advised by her web developers Colour Media to have an introduction video made and although a little nervous at first – like most people – she was a natural in front of camera. Again like so many people end up being despite their initial fears.


We’d like to think that is in part down to our experience of dealing with members of the public in filming situations for over twenty years. We will put you completely at ease with the filming process and get the very best out of you, so viewers get to see the person they will be doing business with.


And that is the power of video.

Call Angela 07985 904293 or email angela@angelatomlinson.co.uk

The Play Inspections Company are the biggest playground inspection and inspection training company in the UK although they didn’t feel their scale came across in any of their current marketing. They wisely decided that video was the only medium that could convey their message effectively and asked us to produce it.


Happily we set off to one of their inspection sites in Dorset – out into the frosty, sunny morning to capture one of their inspectors carrying out their tasks, before heading to their headquarters in Poole to catch their support team, witness their new training facility and chat to their sales and marketing manager Jon Dalton.


Within one week and without any promotion, their video had 5.7k views on their Facebook page creating much needed awareness.

The Lakeview Spa at the Beech Hill Hotel

As preferred video suppliers to R-Hotels Group, when they completed their new Lakeview Spa, The Beech Hill Hotel asked us to produce a promotional video for it.

The video had to reflect the aspirational elements associated with having a Spa Break at a hotel in the English Lake District (http://beechhillhotel.co.uk/spa/).


The video was uploaded to the hotels YouTube channel and also to its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BeechHillHotel), where it has successfully created awareness of the Spa and Treatment Rooms and lead directly to bookings.

J F Hornby & Co Accountants Testimonial by Barrow AFC

VidSmart have produced a range of videos for J F Hornby & Co Chartered Accountants since 2015 and as UK Accountants of the Year for 2015 and 2016, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship producing their video content.


They have found great success producing Customer Testimonial Videos – from our viewpoint, probably the best type of video you can produce – and this one was provided by Barrow AFC who are chasing promotion to the Football League.

Hazel Bank Country House Hotel

Though we at VidSmart believe that to get the biggest impact from a sustained Video Marketing campaign, we are more than happy to provide what many clients want and that is what we like to call an ‘Introduction Video’ and this is what we provided for Hazel Bank Country House Hotel in the Lake District.


The client wanted a video that communicated the tranquility of the surroundings and promote the hotel as somewhere to escape to and were more than happy with the results.


Instead of hiding the video away in a sidebar on their homepage, or worse still on another page buried within their website, Hazel Bank have now included the video into the ‘header’ of their site which draws you immediately into the property and before you know it you’ve been watching for over a minute and the website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will be receiving a huge boost.