Pre-Video Training Instructions

Not Long Now

You’ve booked onto our Smartphone Video Training Day, so before you join us there are a few things you need to take care of.

Phone Storage


The first thing to do is make sure that you have space on your phone to store some video. At a minimum, it would be good to have 1GB of free storage space, though I would recommend more if it is possible.


To see how much storage space you have available, for iPhone go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage. In here you can see how much storage space you have available and you can see how you can create more space by off-loading apps or storing Photos in the Cloud.


For Android users, you should¬† go to this page –¬†


To free up some space you could try a few things. Firstly, have you got photos that you could delete? Or maybe you’ve already deleted photos that are sat in the ‘are you really sure you want to delete these photos?’ folder on your iPhone? Clearing this could create space.


Do you have things that take up a lot of space downloaded to your device, like Podcasts that you could delete and re-download at a later date?


Sometimes Apps like Facebook can take up more space than their original software size by caching, or saving data, that makes using the App quicker to load. I have noticed that Facebook has taken up three times the space on my phone than the App when you first download it. Again, you could delete this and re-download afterwards if you needed space in a hurry.



On the training day, we will be doing some editing, so please download the Quik App (Apple iOs/Android). This App delivers fast editing results and is free to download.


If you are an iPhone user, download Videoleap or if you are an Android user, download PowerDirector. These are classic and more flexible editing apps that are free to download but have in-app purchases. Videoleap users would only need to spend money for really advanced features, whereas PowerDirector will export your video with a watermark unless you pay extra.


Don’t forget…


Your charger and/or a top-up battery pack – though usually we will have something available for you. If you don’t have a headphone socket then please bring your phone’s adaptor – USB-C for Android and some iPads and Lightning to headphone for Apple.

Headphones would be good to bring – and last of all, be ready to learn and have fun.