Facebook Videos

Facebook is pinning its future on video and whether you are on there or not, 50% of your customers are.


Facebook knows everything about its users – their likes, their age, where they live – pretty much everything that it needs to know to make it the perfect place for targeted advertising to your ideal customer.


It actively pushes video material to your News Feed and the reason they do that is the reason that smart marketers everywhere use video on their platforms – to increase engagement and to keep you on their site longer. This improves Search Engine Optimisation for most but gives Facebook the opportunity to expose you to more advertising.


So if your customers are there, you need your message there – in a video. Why video? It’s shareable, it’s engaging, it tells complex stories in a short space of time and it’s four times more likely to be consumed then text.


Video autoplays in Facebook and up to now it would do so without playing sound unless you clicked on it, so we produced a Facebook friendly version of our client’s website video that included large subtitles of the dialogue and formatted the video to be square so it would be fully seen in the News Feed.


The video still has dialogue and music, which will become important again from now on as Facebook starts to autoplay audio too although this can be over-ridden in the app meaning text will continue to play a role in social video.